Built 1879
Tonnages 679 grt,  353 nrt
Dimensions 202.3 x 28.0 x 13.0 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) W. B. Thompson & Co. Ltd., Dundee (26)
Engine builder W. B. Thompson & Co. Ltd., Dundee
Engine C2cyl (30, 54.25 x 33in), 138nhp
O.N. 67827
Owners 1879 Yorkshire Coal & Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., Goole
  1890 Bennett S.S. Co. Ltd, Goole,  renamed MALTA
Fate 15-16/02/1917 cut in two by a Japanese transport KAGA MARU when 1 mile N.N.W. of Gull Light Vessel off the Kent coast on a voyage from Goole to Boulogne

Depicted in this painting by James Bullass of Reedness (b. 1862)

and dated in 1885, by kind permission of Stan Threadgould

.... seen here as MALTA of Bennett S.S. Co., Goole

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