Built 1875
Tonnages 462 grt, 276nrt
Dimensions 180.5 x 26.0 x 11.5 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Goole Engineering & Shipbuilding, Goole (73)
Engine builder Goole Engineering Company
Engine Compound 2cyl (23.5, 42 x 28in), 80nhp
O.N. 67816
Owners 1875 Thomas Owston
  1876 Humber Steam Shipping Company
  1895 Goole Steam Shipping Company, Goole
  1905 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company, Goole
  1907 Gale Shipping Company (J. Gale), Goole and renamed STORM
  1910 Duke Shipping Company (W. J. Dollar), Goole
  28/04/1916 transferred to Guernsey register
  1916 Bird's Shipping Company (W. Bird), Guernsey
Fate 08/09/1917 torpedoed and sunk by German seaplanes off the Sunk Light Vessel on a voyage from the Tyne to Dunkirk with coke.


seen below as STORM

Also depicted in this painting by James Bullass of Reedness (b. 1862)

and dated in 1885, by kind permission of Stan Threadgould

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