Built 03/1873
Tonnages 422 grt, 259 nrt
Dimensions 171.0 x 24.5 x 12.8 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Humphreys & Pearson, Hull (31)
Engine builder Humphreys & Pearson, Hull
Engine C2cyl (22, 40 x 28in), 70 hp
O.N. 67806
Owners 1873 Goole Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., Goole
  26/08/1898 registry closed on sale to Brazilian owners
  1898 A. J. Tavares, Maranhao; renamed DAISY TAVARES
  1900 Cia. Protectora de Industria Pastoril (P. G. Chermont de Miranda), Para; renamed PARACANARY
  1902 renamed DAISY
Fate 30/08/1902 wrecked at Pregnacas, Brazil on passage Para for Ceara in ballast

Depicted in this painting by James Bullass of Reedness (b. 1862)

and dated in 1885, by kind permission of Stan Threadgould

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