Built 1884
Tonnages 409 grt, 226 nrt
Dimensions 157.0 x 23.1 x 11.6 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number)

J. M. McArthur & Co., Paisley (27)

Engine builder Bow. McLachlan & Co., Paisley
Engine Compound 2cyl (20, 40 x 27in), 70nhp
O.N. 67849
Owners 1884 Co-operative Wholesale Society, Goole
  1904 Progress SS Co., - W. S. Hannan, Sunderland
  1910 Coastwise SS Co London - Oakley, Street & Co.
  1913 Joseph Constant, London
  1914 Isidore J. Crespin, Constantinople (French flag)
  23/11/1914 seized by Turkish government
  1914 operated by Osmanli Seyr-i Sefain Idaresi, Istanbul
  07/06/1915 sunk by Russian Navy in the Black Sea, refloated May 1917 and returned to service 1918
  02/1919 I. J. Crespin, Istanbul
  1923 Negociyan Ali, Hasan Pasazade, Hasan Muhtar ve Sapancali Hakki Bey, Istanbul and renamed PEYAM
  1923 Sapancali Hakki Bey, Istanbul and renamed SABANDJA
Fate 13/08/1926 sank near Sile in the Black Sea on a voyage to Istanbul with coal.

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