Built 1874
Tonnages 630 grt, 396 nrt
Dimensions 191.0 x 27.8 x 12.1 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) John Readhead & Sons, South Shields (101)
Engine builder John Readhead & Sons, South Shields
Engine Compound 2cyl (23.5, 44 x 30in), 80nhp
O.N. 67812
Owners 1874 Yorkshire Coal & Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., Goole
  1881 Soc. Rouennaise de Transp. Maritimes Vapeur, Rouen and renamed MARCEAU
  1883 Co-operative Wholesale Society, Goole
  1887 renamed UNITY
  26/03/1890 transferred to Liverpool register
Fate 10/10/1895 sank after a collision with s.s. ECLIPSE off Honfleur on passage from Garston and Swansea for Rouen with coal and general cargo


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