Built 1886
Tonnages 789 grt, 349 nrt
Dimensions 220.0 x 30.7 x 12.6 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number)

S. P. Austin & Son, Sunderland (156)

Engine builder North Eastern Marine Engineering Co. Ltd., Sunderland
Engine T3cyl (19, 31, 51 x 33in), 161nhp
O.N. 91307
Owners 1888 Co-operative Wholesale Society, Goole
  1906 West Hartlepool S.N. Co. Ltd., West Hartlepool
  1916 Bede Metal & Chemical Co. - J. Ridley, Son & Tully, Newcastle

1921 Mme. D. A. Petroutsis, Greece and renamed SPETSOPOULA

  1922 August Blume, Rendsburg and renamed LUISE BLUME
  1925 Red. A/B Birka (Oscar Krook), Stockholm and renamed NACKA
  1926 Red. A/B Brenne & Dahlstrom, Gothenburg and renamed ALSTER
  1927 R. Halakiopulo, Argostoli and renamed MARIA
  1931 P. Baikas, Piraeus

1934 General Cement Co. Ltd., Piraeus and renamed ERAKLIS

  12/03/1939 wrecked at Mytilene, salvaged and repaired
  1939 S. E. Canavariotis, Piraeus and renamed ELENI CANAVARIOTI
Fate 28-29/04/1941 sunk by a German air attack off Epanomi, refloated 12/05/1941.

27/05/1941 sank off Salonica while under German control

From Aris Bilalis ....

"The ship had a sad ending when she sunk off Salonica loaded with hundreds of Yugoslavian POWs. The Germans claimed that she hit an allied mine, the Yugoslavians that the Germans purposely bombed her. The wreck was blown up post-war to enable salvage for scrap."

photo K.Zimeris / Volos Council archives

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