Built 10/1958
Tonnages 1113 grt, 481 nrt
Dimensions 244.4 x 39.4 x 13.2 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number)

A. & J. Inglis Ltd., Glasgow (1623P) (laid down as YORK)

Engine builder Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln
Engine Motor, 4SA 7cyl, 1880bhp
O.N. 300216
Owners 1958 Associated Humber Lines, Goole
  1972 Medship Ltd. (Gulf Maritime Company), Famagusta; renamed GULF COAST
Fate 30/07/1976 grounded on Knight Rock, 05.02N - 09.10W, caught fire and beached at Sinu the next day, total loss. She was on passage Ipswich for Tema


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