Built 1879
Tonnages  633 grt, 405 nrt
Dimensions 176.4 x 30.0 x 13.4 ft (1885 lengthened to 207.7 ft)
Shipbuilder (yard number) Short Brothers, Sunderland (101)
Engine builder G. V. Pattison & Co., Newcastle
Engine C2cyl (26, 48 x 30in), 90rhp
O.N. 67830
Owners 1879 Goole Steam Shipping Co. Ltd., Goole

1905 Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Company, Goole

  1909 Ouse S.S. Co. Ltd. (E. P. Atkinson & Sons), Goole
Fate 16/10/1912 beached after a collision with Danish s.s. VIKING near Zouteland in the Schelde, on passage Terneuzen for Goole in ballast

and here is her wreck, being closely guarded by the local policeman!

Photo from diver Stefan Panis

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