Built 1959
Type Cargo Ship
Tonnages 200 grt, 98 nrt
Length / beam / draft 117.9 x 25.3 x 8.5 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Clelands Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Willington Quay, Tyne (239)
Engine Builder Lister Blackstone Marine Ltd., Dursley
Engine Motor, 2SA, 4cyl (8.75 x 11.75in)
O.N. 300221
Owners 1959 Hull Gates Shipping Co. Ltd., Goole
  1965 Light Shipping Co. Ltd., Greenock; renamed POLARLIGHT
  1969 Rye Shipping Ltd., Rye; renamed RYE TRADER
  1973 T. J. Palmer, Rye / Gravesend; renamed QUEENFORD

11/06/1980 sank 36 miles west of IJmuiden after a collision in fog with IRENES SUN 3034/66 Amsterdam for Great Yarmouth


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