Built 1906
Type Cargo Ship, turret deck
Tonnages 4691 grt, 2971 nrt
Length / beam / draft 403.9 x 51.6 x 24.5 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Wm. Doxford & Sons, Sunderland (355)
Engine Builder Wm. Doxford & Sons, Sunderland
Engine T3cyl (26, 43, 70 x 48in), 339 nhp
O.N. 120926
Owners 1906 Astral Shipping Co. (Jos. Chadwick & Son), Liverpool as DRUMCONDRA
  1913 Possehl & Co., Lubeck; renamed LUBECK
  1915  Nordisches Erzkontor GmbH, Stettin
  1919 The Shipping Controller (Turner, Brightman & Co.), London
  1921 Calvert S.S Co. Ltd. (J. S. Calvert), Goole; renamed S. E. CALVERT
  1924 Ditta Luigi Pittaluga Vapori, Genoa; renamed AQUITANIA
  1927 M. Maresca, Genoa; renamed MAR GLAUCO
  06/1940 laid up at Philadelphia, 03/1941 detained
  12/09/1941 requisitioned by U.S.A. government
  1941 U.S. Maritime Commission, Panama flag; renamed MOKATAM
  04/1943 chartered to U.S. Army, used for storage at Morotai
  27/02/1944 damaged by Japanese air attack, temporary repairs
  01/1946 laid up at Stockton, New South Wales

1949 to R. Cunningham & H. Sutherland and cut down to tank top at Stockton, N.S.W., remains beached as landfill on 16 August 1950 at South Arm, Hunter River, N.S.W.


Photos from collection of Clive Ketley

and below from the late Dennis Farrar

also from collection of Dennis Farrar

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