Built 1899
Type Cargo Ship
Tonnages 1206 grt, 675 nrt
Length / beam / draft 230.0 x 34.0 x 15.2 ft
Shipbuilder (yard number) Ailsa S.B. Co. Ltd., Troon (77)
Engine Builder Muir & Houston, Glasgow
Engine T3cyl (17, 28, 45 x 33in), 137 nhp
O.N. 145295
Owners 1899 Dampf. Ges. 'Neptun', Bremen as HERMES
  08/1914 seized at Antwerp, detaind to 1918
  1921 The Shipping Controller, London
  1921 Calvert S.S. Co. Ltd. (J. S. Calvert), Goole; renamed GLENDOON
  1922 Neue Dampfer Cie. A.G., Stettin; renamed HEIDELBERG
  1923 Stettiner Dampfer Cie. A.G., Stettin
  1925 F. L. Nimtz, Stettin; renamed ALT HEIDELBERG
  1928 O. Teidemann, G. Soosaar & J. Podimeister, Kasmu, Finland; renamed LINDA
  1931 Kasmu Laeva-Omanikud (O. Tiedemann), Kasmu
Fate 11/02/1940 torpedoed by U.9 in 58.51N - 01.54E, 100 miles west of Utsire on a voyage from Blyth to Gothenburg with coal

Shown aground, unknown date and place

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